Pro Vibe Computer Mount for Medium Sized Wahoo

Pro Vibe Computer Mount for Medium Sized Wahoo


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Pro Vibe Wahoo Mount For Medium Devices, directly integrable to the Pro Vibe alloy stem.

Suitable for Wahoo. The mount carries medium sized devices including the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.

The mount integrates directly into the Shimano Pro Vibe stem, and it attaches between the lower bottom stem bolts. No additional bolts are needed.

The Framesandgear GoPro mount can be added to this mount, and can be fixed in different positions. When fitting the Framesandgear GoPro Mount to the Provibe Medium Size mount, it is possible to add lights, GoPro, external battery and other add-on devices.

If you ride with a Garmin device, check out our Medium Provibe mount for Garmin.

Length: 90 mm.

Weight: 24 g.