Framesandgear Trek Madone Bryton Mount (MY 2023+)



Framesandgear Trek Madone Bryton Mount (MY 2023+) for the Madone Generation 7.

  • Weight: 37 grams.
  • GoPro ready.
  • Angle adjustable
  • Bolts included.
  • Free worldwide shipping included in the purchase.
  • The mount is ready to fit GoPro mount underneath, via the two screw holes.

Product Description

Made of stiff lightweight CNC alloy, and coated black for a stealthy look.

Suitable for Bryton devices.

The mount makes the Computer device aero by aligning with the upper part of the stem, and keeps the device in the ideal position.

Our mounts are using the best alloy, and high precision CNC machinery. One of the great advantages of using this approach is, that you end up with a strong mount, which wont wear or break, like the case can be with 3d-printed plastic.

Features of the Trek Madone Mount

Weight: 37 grams. Fitting bolt for attachment in the package, no need for additional tools or gear.

It is possible to adjust the angle of your device via the angle adjuster on this mount. This makes it possible to create the perfect individual fit, whether you like your device tilted upwards, or a bit downwards.


You can add the Framesandgear GoPro mount to this mount. This makes it possible to add GoPro, lights, battery pack, or other add-ons. The GoPro mount fits easily via two lower bolt holes on the Trek Madone and Emonda mount.

You can also add the Framesandgear Aero GoPro Mount to this mount.

If you ride with a Wahoo device, then check out our Trek Madone Wahoo Mount (MY 2023+).


We provide free shipping with the purchase of the Framesandgear Trek Madone Bryton Mount (MY2023+). We ship the item in secure, tracked envelopes.

Free world wide shipping included when purchasing the Framesandgear Trek Madone Bryton Mount (MY 2023+).

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