Pinarello Dogma Most F12 Garmin Mount

Pinarello Dogma Most F12 Garmin Mount


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Pinarello Dogma Most F12 Garmin Mount integrable to the MOST Pinarello F12 aerobar. Suitable for Garmin. The mount can be fitted to other bar and stem combos in the Pinarello Most family.

The mount carries large devices including the Garmin Edge 1030/1030 Plus and Edge 1040/ 1040 Solar. The mount comes as standard with GoPro mount underneath, and by using it, it is possible to add lights, GoPro, external battery and other add-on devices.

The mount is manufactured of stiff lightweight CNC cut aluminum, cut out from one piece. This manufacturing process makes it stiff and lightweight at the same time.

All bolts are included, and the mount is directly ready to be fitted.

Weight: 32 grams including GoPro mount.

If you ride with a smaller Garmin device such as the Edge 530 or the Edge 830, our Dogma Most mount also accommodates those models, with a suitable space between the Garmin device and the front of the bar. This enables the computer unit to be fitted with close aero position to the bar itself.

If you ride with a Wahoo device, check our our Pinarello Dogma Most F12 mount for Wahoo.