About Us

Dedicated to provide your bike with the best mounts for Garmin and Wahoo.

Framesandgear was created as a response to the difficulty finding high end mounts, at a fair price, for top tier race, cross and gravel bikes. With bike brands creating new models and varieties at an ever-increasing pace, this was found to be a consistent issue.

Therefore, Framesandgear focuses on being first responders to delivering mounts to established, and newly launched frames. For example, we monitor what types of (aero)handlebars that are released, and we create Garmin and Wahoo computer mounts that fits those specifically. Sticking to this business model, we are often faster, and always cheaper than the original factory mounts. Our mounts are primarily created in lightweight, CNC alloy, which is not only everlasting, but also considerably stiffer than 3D printed mounts.

Our Framesandgear Garmin and Wahoo mounts  are all made by following the same recipe: To make a simple, clean design for quality aware cyclists. No nonsense, just a great product made of high quality alloy. 

Due to a personal interest in cycling and racing at the Framesandgear team, we have a natural eager to continue searching for possibilities to satisfy a market that gets more and more complex in terms of mounts, frames and gear. We always test the products ourselves, whether it being the newest mount for our own selection of BMC bikes, or a set of LED lights that can illuminate the road on our winter training rides.

To keep up with our newest releases and developments, and in order to get in direct contact with us, please follow our social media accounts through the link below.