3T Apto Stealth Wahoo mount

3T Apto Stealth Wahoo mount


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3T Apto Stealth Wahoo mount, directly integrable to the 3T Apto Stealth stem.

Suitable for Wahoo devices, and it carries large units including the Wahoo Elemnt Roam. The mount has a built in angle in order to create the ideal angle of your Wahoo device.

The 3T Apto Stealth stem mount, makes the Wahoo device aero by being aligned with the upper part of the stem.

Ready to fit, no additional bolts needed. Finished in black CNC alloy.

The Framesandgear GoPro mount can be added to this mount, and can be fixed in different positions. When fitting the Framesandgear GoPro Mount to the 3T Apto Mount, it is possible to add lights, GoPro, external battery and other add-on devices.

If you ride with a smaller Wahoo device such as the Elemnt Bolt, our 3T Apto Wahoo mount also accommodates those models, with a suitable space between the Wahoo device and the front of the bar. This enables the computer unit to be fitted with close aero position to the bar itself.

Weight: 23 grams.

For a video presentation of the mount, check out our YouTube channel, featuring the 3T Apto mount. 

Free worldwide shipping included when purchasing this mount. We ship the mount in secure envelopes, with tracked shipment.

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