3T Apto Stealth Garmin mount Angle Adjustable

3T Apto Stealth Garmin mount Angle Adjustable


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Stiff lightweight CNC alloy mount, integrable to the 3T Apto Stem. Suitable for Garmin devices.

The mount carries large devices including the Garmin Edge 1030. The mount is created ready to fit GoPro mount underneath, via the two screw holes.

The 3T Apto Stealth stem mount, makes the Garmin device aero by being aligned with the upper part of the stem.

The mount has angle adjustment, so you can create the perfect angle of you Garmin device, even if you stem is angled upwards.

Weight: 25 grams.

The Framesandgear GoPro mount can be added to this mount.

If you ride with a Wahoo device, check out our 3t Apto Stem Wahoo mount.

Additional information

Weight 0.024 kg
Dimensions 9 × 1 × 0.5 cm